Special orders

You can always call us at 02365 (domestic) +47  22578000 (abroad) if you need to make a special order. We will make sure that your order is completed quickly and easily. Special orders can be many different needs that are presented when you want to book a taxi. It can be everything from maxi trips for several people, trips where you need a suited seat for your child, if you have lots of luggage or that you simply wish to transport your pet safe and sound in a cage in the taxi. Or maybe you need to book a long distance trip to another city?

To ensure that you travel safely with all your special needs and belongings to your destination, we ask that you call us in advance to book a taxi. In that way we can check and make sure that there are available taxis suited your needs. We will also book the trip for you and send you the reference number after the order is completed.