Public Sector

Christiania Taxi has for years delivered outstanding services to several publich providers. Values like professionalism, accuracy and friendliness reflects in our performance of the services. As a supplier, we are comitted to deliver high quality services.

Our Public Sector customers consist of:

Patient transport

We transport people in need of medical care, as well as customizing the trips after their wishes. Christiania Taxi is proud to announce that we have had this contract for almost four years, and that we will continue providing transport for people in need.


We are responisble for transporting NSB (Norwegian State Railway) employees around the city of Oslo. We are also quickly available at any discrepancies that might occur NSB and their employees, such as unforseen stoppages in rail transport in Oslo and the outskirts of Oslo.


We deliver transport services to UDI (The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration). The contract requires that we as a supplier shall at all times have big cars available for transporting larger groups of people, amongst other things. This has been an area of responsibility we have performed well in, and aim to continue to deliver customized solutions for our customers.

Further growth

Christiania Taxi has several years of collaboration with customers in the Public Sector, and has excelled as a reliable Company. We will continue our work in offering customized solutions for our customers. It means that we have all the prerequisites in place to provide services to even more customers in the Public Sector.