As a business customer, you will receive solutions that best serve your interests as a supplier. We go to great lengths to satisfy any needs that may arise, and tailor solutions in collaboration with you as a customer.

Why choose us?

Christiania Taxi has for a number of years provided excellent services to several public sector suppliers. Our core values of professionalism, accuracy and friendliness are reflected in our service delivery. As a supplier, we are committed to delivering high-quality services.

Corporate customer

Dear future customer! Christiania Taxi would like to be your new taxi service provider. We want to do everything we can to offer you the best solutions and the best service when you need our services in the future. We have all the prerequisites to be your fastest and most affordable travel option.

We offer several booking tools to adapt to your needs.


URL link

Here, ordering occurs through a URL link stored on their computer(s).

Here, the receptionist will place a taxi order on behalf of a colleague, business partner, customer or others.

With this tool, the receptionist also has the option to change the booked or reserved tour, and can even cancel the entire booking. This will save the receptionist several minutes of waiting time on the phone and will streamline their workday.


Ordering terminal in the form of a tablet

Here you can choose between two variants:

The first variant will be located in a stand-alone stand in their lobby area, and booking is made by the passenger themselves. Then the receptionist or anyone else will not be responsible for the booking or reservation.

The other variant is the ordering tablet in a holder on the reception desk. Here, the passenger will also book the trip themselves, but it is easier for the receptionist to intervene/guide or help the passenger if there are any questions about the booking.