Book a taxi by phone, website or app to get exclusive best rates. Enjoy a 20% discount when you book through any of these convenient methods. If you book in advance, there is no charge until you get into the car. NB! Does not apply to fixed price and to and from the airport.

Ordering process

1 Contact us anytime

Christiania Taxi is just a phone call away on 02365, with our 24-hour phone lines ready to assist you.

2 Convenience 24/7

Our team is dedicated to helping you place your order at any time, ensuring your transportation needs are met, day or night.

3 Outstanding service

Always rely on Christiania Taxi for reliable and fast service when you need it, improving your travel peace of mind while on the go

1 Hassle-free ordering

Book a taxi online without the need for registration. Only specify the pickup location and desired time.

2 Estimate your price

Use the “price calculator” on the website to get an estimate of your travel costs. Please note that the price may vary based on traffic conditions.

3 Flexibility and convenience

Christiania Taxi’s online booking process ensures simple and commitment-free booking, making it easy to plan your journeys and get an idea of the price.

1 Efficient ordering

Download the Christiania Taxi app, available on App Store and Google Play, for quick and efficient taxi booking.

2 Pocket size convenience

With the free app, you’ll always have a taxi at your fingertips. It automatically finds your pickup address and shows your location on the map.

3 User-friendly features

Book quickly, track your taxi’s location, rate your ride and provide feedback – all from the app, ensuring predictability and ease.

4 First-time registration

Registration when you first use the app is for your security and to prevent misuse of personal data.

1 Maximum price guarantee

Price transparency: When you book through the app, you will always receive an estimate of the maximum price. The GPS-based maximum price is your insurance, never exceeding the amount shown.

Affordable prices: Your final price may be lower if your trip takes less time than expected at the time of booking. The maximum price guarantee applies to all trips, every time.

2 Fixed price offers

Exclusive fixed prices: Christiania Taxi offers unique fixed prices within Ring 1, 2 and 3 in Oslo when you book through our app.

Weekly special: Enjoy fixed prices Monday to Thursday between 18:00 and 06:00 for added affordability and predictability.

  • Direct booking: Get a taxi that arrives immediately when you request it.
  • Pre-booking: Pre-book a taxi for a future time, according to your preferences.
  • Booking flexibility: You can schedule a booking in advance at any time, whether you need a taxi in 20 minutes or two days.
  • Confirmation guarantee: When you pre-book via phone, website or our app, we will provide you with a reference number to confirm that your trip is booked and on schedule.
  • Cancellation method: To cancel a pre-booked tour, please call us on 02365.
  • Cancellation time: Make sure that the cancellation is made no later than 30 minutes before the agreed pick-up time.
  • Direct bookings: Please note that direct bookings cannot be canceled.